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Welcome to Gunning Mental Performance

My name is Scott Gunning and I am a Trainee Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

As a competitive athlete for the past 15 years, I know first hand how important having the right mindset is if you want to perform at your best. Therefore, I set up Gunning Mental Performance to provide Sport and Exercise Psychology support to individuals and teams, suitable for all  ages and ability. 

My aim is to work alongside you and help you develop a better understanding of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours impact your performance as well as discovering how you can utilise your strengths as an athlete to reach your true potential.

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What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

For me , Sport and Exercise Psychology isn't necessarily about fixing 'problems'. Instead it's all about helping athletes to better understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours impact on performance. 

One key area of my work focuses on helping athletes increase their self-awareness of how they currently respond to challenges they may face, and how they would like to improve this in the future. I also like to spend time working with athletes to develop their strengths and how these can be utilised to achieve optimal performance. 

Just some of the areas that I can help improve include;

  • Goal setting

  • Building confidence

  • Increasing motivation

  • Skill learning

  • Aiding with injury recovery

  • Improving teamwork

How do I work?

To deliver my services, I work in two main ways, 1-2-1 consultations and group/team workshops. For more information and fees see the services page.

Individual Consultations

Suitable for athletes of all ages, and tailored to suit your needs, individual consultations allow us to work together to help you achieve your potential. All individual work starts with a FREE initial consultations to allow me to understand how best to support you.

These sessions can take place at your home, training venue or another venue of your choice. 

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Group/Team Support

I provide a range of support to teams and organisations, ranging from group workshops to on the pitch support. Together we will work to help uncover the strengths of the team and how these can be utilised to build confidence and enhance performance. 

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Scott has been excellent in the 5 sessions we have had so far. He has really started to help me understand how to control nerves and make every game feel the same. He has helped me go into games now without fear of who I am playing and has allowed me to control my emotions on court and not go into a negative spiral. He has helped me u derstand what factors contribute to my on court negative and positive emotions which has allowed me to focus only on factors within my control.

Youth Badminton Player

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